Kenny Electric has had a working relationship with HollyFrontier Corporation, offering year-round maintenance in their Cheyenne Industrial Petroleum Refinery. We researched, designed, and implemented several electrical improvements in their plant, increasing efficiencies throughout.

We were pleased to hear and participate in the company’s transformation from crude oil to renewable diesel production at their Cheyenne facility. Using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, HollyFrontier will convert animal fats from restaurants and supermarkets and inedible corn and soybean oil into diesel fuel.

In collaboration with Simpson Electric, our teams are installing instrumentation and electrical equipment to reduce their environmental impact while also providing a cleaner alternative to regular diesel. The project to transition from oil to biofuel is slated for completion in the fall of this year.

We are excited to serve HollyFrontier for many years to come as they continue their venture into renewable energy.

Location: Cheyenne, WY
Owner: HollyFrontier Corporation
Type: Industrial & Renewables

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