Kenny Electric teamed with The Tri-M Group to complete the Hartland solar project located in the heavily wooded landscape of Northern Maine.

Our core team started the project in mid-July, with Ryan Evans leading his crew. This crew has a get-it-done attitude and has been the perfect team for this project. They have encountered significant challenges from being an extremely remote location to material shortages to dealing with unknown underground natural water springs on the site. This crew has overcome them all with a go-getter attitude.

Ryan and his crew are on the home stretch of finishing the solar site. To date, they have installed over 10k solar panels, 10K+ ft of underground conduit. They have pulled 100K feet of DC cable, hung 32 inverter/combiner box racks, installed over 20 of those inverter/combiner combos, and are now starting to terminate the DC MC-4 connectors.

Fun fact: The team brought the neighboring communities together for weekly outdoor movie nights. Another excellent example of our mission statement: “We are a conduit for powering our communities.”

Location: Hartland, ME
GC: Tri-M Group
Type: Renewable Energy
Total Sq Ft: 827,640 sq ft

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