Unified Law Enforcement Hub in Douglas, WY

The Converse County Joint Justice and Dispatch Center in Douglas, Wyoming, unites the Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Detention Center, and Dispatch Center under one roof, fostering greater collaboration and efficiency with shared portions of the building.

This impressive 60,000-square-foot project includes a 28,000-square-foot law enforcement center, a 29,000-square-foot detention center, and a 3,000-square-foot four-lane indoor pistol range. The law enforcement center is home to the dispatch center, shared recreation and multipurpose spaces, and the police and sheriff’s departments.

Modern Infrastructure Enhances Community Safety

The indoor pistol range, designed with high-protection gun facilities and state-of-the-art evidence lockers featuring advanced technology integration and climate controls, serves multiple agencies within the building. The Detention Center can accommodate approximately 75 inmates.

Kenny Electric was responsible for powering the comprehensive electrical systems and upgrading the state-of-the-art courtrooms. The outdoor lighting that was installed to emphasize the architecture of the building and provide safe walkways for citizens is pictured. See our featured projects for more information.

The Converse County Joint Justice and Dispatch Center stands as a model of modern, integrated law enforcement infrastructure.

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