Kenny Electric had the opportunity to install a 30kW roof-mounted PV system atop the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs’ Osborne Center for Science & Engineering facility. Our team installed the electrical wiring from the inverter to the service equipment. We were honored to help the university progress to its Net Zero goals.

Since 2007, the UCCS has steadily increased its sustainability efforts by installing renewable energy systems throughout the campus. The university has modeled sustainability by commissioning over ten solar and photovoltaic systems, producing more than 1100 kW. Additionally, the university offers a Sustainability Demonstration Center, which provides interactive platforms for educating the community on tools they can use to lower their carbon footprint.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
GC: Douglass Colony Group
Owner: University of Colorado
Type: Renewable Energy
Total Labor Hours: 162
Total Project Costs: $15,920

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