The 390,000 sq. ft. facility presented many challenges, mostly due to its immense size, large crew, multiple areas of classification, and dynamic contractor.

Initially, Kenny was brought on board as a bid/build contractor, responsible for the installation of light fixtures and controls. Shortly after the start of the build, the team was asked to perform increasingly more difficult work involved with the bakery process controls, the onsite wastewater treatment facility, the security and access control systems, and the facility process controls. Substantial work was conducted overhead, on lifts, in advance of walk-on ceiling installations. Careful methods of installation were required, including stainless steel welded supports, EMT/GRC, cable trays, and stainless steel wire-way in-and-around installed conveyor systems.

“Smucker’s” is an American manufacturer of jam, peanut butter, beverages, shortening, ice-cream toppings, oils, and other products in North America. July 31, 2019, marked the official opening of the new Uncrustables Sandwiches Manufacturing Facility in Longmont, CO. The $350M plant opened, ready to begin making sandwiches, four weeks ahead of schedule.

Location: Longmont, CO
GC: The Dennis Group
Owner: JM Smucker Company
Type: Commercial
Architect: The Dennis Group

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