Location: Greeley CO
GC: Glacier Construction Company
Owner: Leprino
Type: Industrial
Architect: Symbiont

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The Leprino Foods Company Wastewater Treatment Facility was a $1.6M project that serviced the new mozzarella cheese plant built adjacent to the treatment facility.

The Wastewater Plant consists of multiple treatment processes including sequencing batch reactors, dissolved air flotation, UV treatment, and screen presses.

Kenny Electric was hired to install an extensive underground electrical conduit system for the new facility, and a $2M contract for electrical support and services for the facility. Kenny Electric installed aluminum conduit versus the standard GRC conduit — which was unique to this project. For network communications, Kenny Electric installed fiber optic cables, voice/data, and Intermediate Distribution Frames.

The SCADA system utilized an Allen-Bradley Logix processors and Device-net for the MCC’s network. Kenny Electric installed all instrument devices provided by the owner.

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