Kenny Electric is proud to be a part of Amazon’s 2040 Climate Pledge. The e-commerce giant plans to deploy at least 100,000 electric vans to fight against air pollution produced by their delivery vehicles. While several cities across the country will begin to see the new electric fleet, our electrical engineers helped power renewable energy charging stations in Aurora, CO.

Working in a tight location with an even tighter deadline, our crew worked diligently and safely to meet Amazon’s requirements – getting the electric vehicles on the road as soon as possible.

The inner workings, along with an image of the finished result, are pictured here. While the general consumer will see the sleek vehicles delivering packages across the nation, our team will understand the combined effort it took to power that vehicle. Amazon is on track to meet its pledge to emit net zero carbon by the year 2040.

Location: Aurora, CO
GC: Forbes Bros.
Owner: Amazon
Type: Commercial

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