Is your industrial control panel the correct one for your intended function?  Authorities have found it to be all too common – improperly designed equipment is the root cause of cataclysmic worksite accidents. Don’t trust just anyone for your automation panel needs.


What to look for in a service-engineered panel provider

Using a trusted contractor with a UL certification to design and build system automation panels ensures your facility will remain online, safe, and running at optimum performance.  Look for a provider that is both certified and understands how to properly build and install a panel.  Look for the UL seal on the box.

Also look for:

Workmanship – A quality built panel will have all wiring neatly bundled and routed with smooth radius bends.  You will also find identification labels on all terminals, wires, and components.

Maintenance programs available – Ask your contractor about routine maintenance service that will help keep your panel running more reliably, longer.  This service should include:

  • Checking for pests and rodents
  • Cleaning to remove dust and debris (per ESD rules and standards)
  • Checking of all connections
  • Check of wiring insulation

Kenny Electric is certified to design, fabricate and distribute NITW (UL508A) Enclosed and Open Industrial Control panels. 

When your facility requires automated controls and monitoring of system processes, contact Kenny for both your installation service and UL certified panel needs.

  • August 10, 2015

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