Kenny is proud to sponsor the Kawasaki Kids Foundation in support of the Martinez Family. Our core values of #community and #family inspire us to get involved in worthy causes like this, spreading awareness for a worthy cause. Team Kenny participated in the 4TH Annual Jace’s Kickin’ Kawasaki 5k in Arvada, CO.

The foundation uses events like the 5k to support their cause:

  • Fund research at Children’s Hospital Colorado to find a cause and cure for Kawasaki Disease
  • Raise awareness of the early diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease
  • Offer financial support to families in need of medical
  • Save children’s hearts and lives from the threat of Kawasaki Disease

For more information on Kawasaki Disease, visit the American Heart Association.

For ways to get involved with the foundation, visit:

Eloy Martinez, Kenny’s Construction Manager, shares his grandson’s battle with Kawasaki Disease:

After four excruciating days of high fevers, tests, and treatments, Jace was finally diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease, a rare condition that fewer than 20k people are diagnosed with each year. Kawasaki is a severe and sometimes fatal disease due to the inflammation of the arteries and heart muscles, which can lead to a heart attack or aneurysm. Thankfully, Jace received his diagnosis at the young age of 4 months. For years now, Jace has undergone echocardiograms that use ultrasound images to check his heart function.

We are happy to say that he now has a healthy heart and his cardiologist gave him the “all-clear.”

  • September 8, 2022

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