A facility, no matter what its size, should have a maintenance program. Kenny Electric shows you how to keep your facility running, without breaking the bank. 

Weighing the Benefits of a Facility Maintenance Program

Regular inspection and maintenance of electrical, HVAC, security and technology systems can reduce the chances of system failure thereby reducing the long-term cost of repairs.  This is the real benefit of a Facility Maintenance Program.

Electrical system failures are very expensive

As a facility manager or building owner, you may struggle between concern over budget and the benefits of establishing a strategic program for building electrical, HVAC, security, and information technology systems.  Kenny Electric will help you find the right balance.

Remember unanticipated costs such as loss of production, possible construction repairs, loss of critical data and damage to equipment utilizing electrical systems weigh heavily into the equation.

Fact: Scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance programs identify and correct potential problems caused from power surges, power outages, loose connections and many other external conditions

Business continuity is the bottom line

Business continuity means everything to your tenants or administration. Many can’t afford being disrupted for an hour, never mind days.

Facility maintenance plans benefit more than just being prepared for unscheduled power outages. They should include scheduled, recommended, manufacturer equipment-maintenance and knowledge of system equipment warranties.

Fact: Maintenance plans that are reviewed and renewed every 3-5 years stand a better chance at preventing facility-wide outages, property damage, and workplace injuries

Research Shows

  • A favorable relationship exists between building conditions and tenant satisfaction when building systems run reliably.
  • Facility conditions have a long-term impact on community attitudes toward commercial business when properties are well-maintained, well-lit and secure.
  • Businesses are more likely to prosper when their building creates a welcoming environment for its clients through proper HVAC, security and lighting.
  • Well-designed and maintained facilities send a powerful message to the community, that you care about your neighbors and the people that conduct business within the space.

Kenny Electric is on your six

When responsibility to properly maintain electrical, technical, and life safety systems rests on your shoulders and failure is not an option, having a trusted partner and building maintenance program in place can help you:

  • Extend the life of building system equipment
  • Take full advantage of equipment warranties
  • Lower safety incidents due to lighting, fire, water or unsecure building access
  • Optimize standby power systems that support critical electrical systems
  • Pre-diagnose potential issues to avoid catastrophic system failures
  • Design a power efficiency program that offers a cost savings on utility bills
  • Comply with ever-changing building codes and regulations
  • Manageable operating costs over the life of your equipment
  • May 22, 2017

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