Growing dependence on digital technologies only increases our reliance on electricity, making a career as a Licensed Electrician a wise choice for many. 

Kenny Electric Honors Licensed Electricians – February 25 – March 1

We’re highlighting those who chose the trades, in a career that’s going places.

Problem-solving is a big part of the job as a Licensed Electrician.

A large part of an electrician’s job is identifying, diagnosing and evaluating defects and problems. In many cases, the cause of the problem may not be readily apparent, and this is one reason why electricians use so many diagnostic tools. Not only does the electrician have to be good at math, but they also have to know how to read blueprints and technical schematics.

Labor statistics indicate in the coming years many more jobs will be made available for electricians.

This is because convenient access to power sources is critical to the construction of homes and properties. With our increasing dependence on digital technology, adoption of solar power and electric cars, our reliance on electricity and electrical appliances is only growing – ensuring plenty of work for Licensed Electricians in the future.

Licensed Electricians really need to know What’s Watt!

Becoming a Master Electrician takes almost as long as becoming a doctor. The work performed by electricians is specialized and requires particular skills, expertise, and tools. Electricians are also “safety professionals” because improper exposure to voltage and electrical current while on the job has enough power to cause death by electrocution. So in essence Electricians are in charge of protecting lives.

  • February 19, 2019

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