If you are looking to reduce electrical and maintenance costs and improve safety in your building, updating to LED lighting in your parking lot, office or warehouse is a terrific, energy-efficient lighting solution.

Kenny Electric Shares Why LEDs are a Great Lighting Solution

LED stands for light–emitting diodes, and when used in lighting fixtures, it differs greatly from incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting in that it’s more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting.

Incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting vs. LEDs

About the Lifespan of LED Lighting

Many believe the lifespan of a LED light source is measured comparatively by when it is expected to “burn out.” Actually, LEDs are rated based on their lumen depreciation. A LED product’s “lifetime” is established based on a prediction of when the light output decreases by 30 percent.

LEDs and Heat

One of the great benefits of LED lighting systems is they don’t radiate heat the way incandescent or halogen lights do. The “heat sink” is a device that absorbs and dissipates the heat, keeping LEDs from overheating. Thermal management is probably the single most important factor in the successful performance of a LED product over its lifetime.

Quality LED Lighting

A poorly designed LED product can flicker, shift in color, appear dim, offer uneven light, and may continue to use power when turned off. Kenny Electric ensures your LED design not only illuminates your space but is made from the highest-quality standards.

LED lights are sophisticated but affordable – and will save you money. LEDs are a reliable, cost-efficient lighting solution. Kenny Electric only installs the best, quality light sources.

What Else is Great About LEDs?

  • LEDs reduce electrical usage – an update to LEDs often pays off within months
  • LEDs offer rebates and tax incentives – through local utility and government programs
  • LEDs use existing wiring and power systems – updates are quick and easy
  • LEDs require less maintenance – bulbs last up to 6 times longer than conventional lighting
  • LEDs are affordable – great where extra security lighting is needed
  • LEDs are energy efficient and “Greener” – they don’t contain poisonous mercury, and fewer bulbs make it to landfills

Consult your Kenny Electrical professional

Kenny Electric is ready to offer you a free Cost Savings Analysis and estimate, so you understand where you’ll find direct cost savings and payoff of a LED update before you buy.

  • July 24, 2017

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