DJ Sherwood gets Blue Chip and promotion to Foreman

When someone from Kenny Electric gets fan mail, that’s something to celebrate.

Kenny Electric Blue Chip Awards come from peer recognition. However, in this case, DJ Sherwood was also complimented on his performance by one of our customers. Fletcher Sherwood (DJ’s brother), who nominated him pointed out DJ is a force to be reckoned with, siting the way he took charge of the Hereford project, then Clear Creek, and currently at Boomslang for Bison O&G.

Kenny Electric Blue Chips are a great honor. Individuals not only go above and beyond, but set examples for others to live by our Core Values of Trust, Integrity, Quality, Family, and Community.

By setting out to help our customers circumvent issues that cause delays and higher costs, he’s also helped Kenny Electric stay profitable by securing a positive client relationship. The Sr. Facilities Engineer from Bison praised DJ stating, “DJ and the crew have done a great job… he’s a great communicator and worked well with our construction companies. Many of the problems I’ve seen on facilities were mitigated before the turn-on. Thanks!”

DJ’s performance is exemplary. His teammates have shared how much they appreciate him, taking the time to teach them something new. For these reasons, DJ was not only recognized with a Blue Chip Award; he was also presented with a Kenny Electric white hat, symbolizing his transition to the role of Foreman.  Please share in our admiration for DJ and congratulate him on his achievement.

  • February 10, 2020

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