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While Kenny Electric employees are trusted and respected, they are also celebrated for their hard work and achievements. Our teams are supportive, well informed, and consider each other an extension of their own families. See what Kenny’s team has to say about the company.

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Careers at Kenny

“Shortly after starting at Kenny, I realized, whoa! Life is real, and pizza jobs won’t pay my bills forever. It’s time for me to step it up. So, I worked hard to learn everything I could. The other Journeymen were great and took the time to teach me new skills. Then one day I realized, heck yeah I got this!” ~ Scott B.

Scott’s Story

“Think about the value of happiness and the opportunity you can have when working with a group of people who have your best interest in mind. Kenny promises you a future. Just see where that can take you.” ~ Jeffrey O.

Jeffrey’s Story

“…Eloy Martinez, Josh Palaszewski, or even Dave Pavelka… trust and feel very comfortable talking to these men. “ ~ Travis B.

Travis’ Story

“I knew I made the right decision to work for Kenny Electric. I appreciate the way they take safety seriously.” ~ Jesse P.

Jesse’s Story
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