Is it the end of the badge? Bluetooth® Readers are Saving Money, Time, and Lives

Kenny Electric’s Special Systems Manager shares the details on Bluetooth readers and why they are growing in popularity among facility managers.

Identifying ways to improve safety and building security are top of mind for many facility managers. You may already know Kenny Electric is a trusted source for electrical design and installation but did you know we also design, source and install, service and maintain building security, surveillance, and safety systems?

James Schwartz, Kenny Electric’s Special Systems Manager, states there is a growing trend among many property managers to convert from card-based readers to Bluetooth® readers which are capable of utilizing an encrypted mobile/digital credential. For many, the strongest motivation is economic, because ROI is usually very rapid as the system eliminates much of the cost associated with replacing lost and or worn out PVC card style credentials.

It’s not just about cost or convenience. It’s also about taking building safety to a new level.

When considering Bluetooth access, it’s easy to imagine an environment where locked doors open automatically as a person approaches – no more fumbling for a key card, or waiting while a reader unlocks a door. What Bluetooth technology provides that outdated readers don’t, is data knowledge, which is why this type of technology is invaluable for building managers.

For example, during a building emergency, the system can identify where in a building people are located as well as how many and who are there. This information is critical and can help responders better direct and instruct safety measures. Some systems even have a feature within the app that allows users to send an alert to building security teams when there is an incident or if someone is in danger.

Using encrypted Bluetooth credentials on a mobile device is an ideal solution for government buildings, refineries, and schools, or manufacturing and hospital facilities because of the volume of personnel that needs modified access throughout the year. Administration of photo id’s, new and replacement access card readers and access authority modifications is difficult, which is why many have already begun updating their systems.

Bluetooth readers should be just one part of a unified security and safety system.

Kenny Electric’s Security Department team services customers throughout Colorado and Wyoming, covering a variety of environments including industrial O&G and water/waste-water facilities, also medical centers, government buildings, vertical commercial properties, manufacturing centers, and biopharma or food processing plants.

Kenny Electric Capabilities:

  • Security systems integration (low-voltage, network, analog, or wireless-based)
  • Access control systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Integrated Electrified locking hardware systems (wired or wireless-based)
  • Voice and video intercom systems (analog or IP)
  • EMERgency24™ Monitoring Services (analog, IP, voice and video)
  • AOR (Area-of-Refuge) two-way system integration w/secure SIP gateway communication protocols
  • Turnkey Installations
  • AHJ and Municipality Access Control Permitting

If updating your security systems are in your 2019 plan, consider contacting Kenny Electric before you begin. Unlike many who offer only a single option, we listen to your needs and strive to understand your goals, so as to provide the best solutions available.

  • February 14, 2019

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