Jill Morgan receives two Kenny Electric Blue Chips for her hard work and dedication on the job.

Jill Morgan with Rene Flores and Jill Morgan with Dave Pavelka.

You are not seeing double. Jill Morgan received not one, but two Kenny Electric Blue Chip awards for going above and beyond and setting an example for everyone to follow.

Jill Morgan received two Kenny Electric Blue Chip awards. Her peers recognized her for having surpassed expectations, claiming she deserved the honor because she is an excellent example of someone living our Core Values of Trust, Integrity, Quality, Family, and Community.

Rene Flores and Tony Jacks nominated Jill for helping them learn a new computer operations program. The full story highlights the fact that the work Kenny did in 2019 left the team with a higher-than-normal volume of paperwork. As the group was learning the new system, Jill kept on top of organizing the project work – which was complicated to keep straight. Rene and Tony appreciated Jill’s patience and courtesy as they made their way through learning the data entry and appreciated her foresight to step in and do what needed to get done while also fielding their many questions.

The second nomination came from Dave Pavelka, who felt it was time she received recognition for her truly selfless approach to her job. He appreciates the way she remains flexible and shows an open mind when taking on different duties, and the way she is always calm under pressure, even when pulled in a dozen different directions. Dave also shared his admiration for the way she invested her time to learn and understand the contract review-and-procedures process. Her attention to detail is second-to-none, as is her can-do attitude. As she also puts in extra time to get the job done right, this makes Jill is an individual who deserves our praise.

  • January 27, 2020

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