Are your project changes lost in translation? Kenny Electric fixes that with BIM Virtual Design Construction.  This state-of-the-art technology reduces errors and improves productivity on the job site. 

Kenny Uses the Latest Technology to Improve Accuracy

Imagine in today’s complex construction environment, not having a complete understanding of all the physical and functional characteristics being incorporated into a facility building project. Beginning with a BIM computer model allows information to transfer easily between architect, engineer, and contractor, then eventually to the building owner without important data being lost in translation.

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Virtually any project small to large can benefit from BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Kenny Electric has skilled CAD tradespeople with BIM, fabrication, and production planning experience.  Kenny uses the most sophisticated technology on the market today including a digital positioning system.  This system contains 2-D imaging software that automates measurements on the job site, finding positions faster, with greater accuracy.

Construction Management and the Bottom Line

When project teams share a small space BIM aids in staging project work by highlighting workforce and architectural conflicts. BIMs information model transfers easily between all stakeholders making it beneficial for budget management, construction safety, project management and future facility operations.


Want to know more about BIM Virtual Design Construction?  Give Kenny Electric a call or visit our informational web page.

  • August 1, 2017

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