Kenny Electric team earns Blue Chip awards for quality and integrity during Ball Corporation project in 2019What do you do when an important project runs into problems?  You put Mike Smith, Jacob Kimball, and Braden Tomsula from Kenny Electric on the job!

Three Members from Kenny Electric Earn the Coveted Blue Chip Award for Ball Corporation Project

These three received our Kenny Electric Blue Chip Award because of the tremendous work they did on the Ball AMC project.

When someone from Kenny Electric receives a Blue Chip, it’s a high honor. Individuals recognized by their peers, not only go above and beyond, but demonstrate that by living our Core Values of Trust, Integrity, Quality, Family, and Community – we all can achieve success.

Kenny Electric began working on the Ball AMC Phase 1A project in early 2019. Although the team worked diligently, the project fell behind schedule. Without the dedication of Mike Smith, Jacob Kimball, and Braden Tomsula, Kenny Electric may not have completed the project with such success. They made frequent adjustments to their shifts as work required and remained focused on completing essential tasks and delivering the highest level of quality. Because the project work was important for us, and because these individuals demonstrated a high-level of integrity on the job, Curtis Polenz nominated them for the Kenny Electric Blue Chip Award.

Mike entered the project in April and played a crucial role, showing initiative to oversee the work of the Apprentice team, taking on the lead position during the Chamber/Control Room buildout, and finalizing the closeout details on the project.

Jacob, a 3rd Year Apprentice, joined in July and completed the lighting control work while assisting with installing the fire alarm system. It was the first time he’d encountered a project of this scale and complexity. Regardless, he was complimented by the Startup Tech, who indicated it was one of the easiest commissioning projects he’d encountered in a long time.

Lastly, Braden, a 4th Year Apprentice, came on board in August, assuming the responsibility of completing the chamber door controls and building out the main distribution conduit rack. The doors are 40 feet high and 25 feet wide, weighing nearly 20,000 pounds each. Not an easy job, but while completing the startup with the door contractor, Braden had everything working as designed the first time around.

Congratulations to these individuals. Thank you for your integrity and dedication to the client, the job, and the company.

Pictured L. to R. – Curtis Polenz, Mike Smith, Braden Tomsula, and Jacob Kimball

  • January 20, 2020

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