Design-Build | Pre-Construction

When you want to improve construction efficiency, prefabricated electrical assemblies for wall and underground systems can save time, money, and space. Kenny Electric coordinates material sourcing, assembly, packaging, and delivery to the site, perfectly timed for an efficient installation. Prefab systems are inspected and tested for quality before arrival. Benefits of prefab assemblies:

  • Optimize Use of On-Site Labor

  • Improve Safety & Quality Assurance

  • Minimize Disruptions to Occupied Areas

  • Reduce Waste Removal Costs

  • Reduce Level of Trade Stacking

  • Reduce Installation Time

Executing a Design-Build Project

Design-build requires experienced contractors who understand how to implement the process. Based on research and input from the architectural/engineering/construction industry, DBIA has identified best practices that can directly affect project success. Here are the best practices that outline the type of commitment required for successful project execution:

    1. Design-build team members must be educated and trained in the process.
    2. All project teams should have senior leadership committed to the success of their projects.
    3. The project team must establish logistics and infrastructure to support integrated project delivery.
    4. Prior to starting, the team should establish processes to facilitate timely and effective communication.
    5. The project team must focus on design management and commissioning processes and ensure alignment on how to execute these processes.