Single Source Electrical Solutions

With over 45-years of experience, Kenny Electric specializes in construction, design, and cost savings to meet your commercial building goals. Our team of electricians offers quality, professional, and efficient solutions for each project.

Expert Pre-Construction Professionals

Our team of pre-construction experts is experienced in many project delivery methods including Bid-Build, Design-Assist, Design-Build, Guaranteed Maximum Price, and Cost + Fee.  Kenny will provide value-added options to maximize your investment while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Proudly Serving

Pharmaceutical | Laboratories | Cleanrooms

Hospitals | Clinics | Health Centers

Hotels | Municipal | High-rises

Higher Ed | Rec Centers | Arenas

Data Centers | Financial Intuitions

Multi-Family Units| Multi-Use Complexes

State-of-the-Art Worship Centers

The Prefab Advantage

Kenny Electric can save time, money, and space with prefabricated electrical assemblies for wall and underground systems. With electric material sourcing, assembly, packaging, quality inspection, and delivery to the site, Kenny provides a perfectly timed efficient installation. Prefab electrical benefits include:

  • Reduce Waste Removal Costs

  • Reduced levels of trade stacking

  • Reduced installation time

  • Optimized use of on-site labor

  • Improved safety and quality assurance

  • Minimized disruption to any occupied areas

Renewable Energy: Reducing the Carbon Footprint

For schools, municipal buildings, hospitals, etc. to reach their renewable energy goals, your electrical contractors must be green building professionals. Kenny Electric offers LEED qualification and certification support for commercial projects. KE partners with renewable energy firms to provide sustainable construction and energy-efficient facilities.