To build a perfect career…first you must sharpen your tools. Service Technicians are architects of their own path.

Is the path of Service Technician right for you?

If you’ve chosen a path within the construction industry, you’ve chosen a career that offers a variety of opportunities for advancement. These opportunities don’t come without a little work, some ingenuity, and a lot of self-confidence. Most successful Project Managers, Estimators, and General Managers have spent some time as a Service Technician. As technicians, they were provided a broad spectrum of project experience and allowed to develop strong leadership skills.

What’s it like being a Service Technician for Kenny Electric?

Your Journeyman’s License is a key that can open doors to a variety of roles within the electrical industry. Working for Kenny Electric, you’re expected to create a roadmap for what you want from your career. The Kenny team will support your ambitions and provide you with the tools and guidance you may need along the way.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Service Technician?

  • Do you thrive on the challenge of solving problems?
  • Do you enjoy spending time building customer relationships?
  • Do you have the drive and discipline to work independently?
  • Do you envision yourself leading business development for an organization someday?

The Day-to-Day of a Service Technician

Journeyman Electricians spend many years sharpening their skills. However, like a commercial or industrial electrician, there are times when travel to distant construction sites is necessary. For many, this opportunity to explore new areas is appealing; for others, it’s a disadvantage. As a Service Technician for Kenny Electric, you take ownership of a business-within-a-business. You have the chance to develop and serve clients within the geography you choose. So, if you need to stay closer to home, to be near friends and family – you can.

Many Journeyman Electricians enjoy the stability and predictability of standard construction work. For many, they thrive off the interaction of working as a team, contributing their brief part to the project. Others may find this restrictive, specifically those who like to work through all phases of a job. Many Service Technicians are “big thinkers.” They not only perform routine work; they also strive to identify and troubleshoot issues. Service Technicians see themselves as business owners and feel personally responsible for the clients they serve.

Working for Kenny Electric

The critical thing to understand is yourself, then use that knowledge to build on your strengths. Kenny Electric Service Technicians are not only skilled electricians, but they are also brand ambassadors, living examples of our core values.

As a Service Technician for Kenny Electric – our brand is your brand. You’re given a service vehicle and provided access to an expert support team, all the tools you need to create a business without spending a dime. The Kenny brand represents quality, but your attitude and demeanor build trust in the company. Not everyone has the discipline to manage a book of clients. It can be challenging predicting inventory needs, responding to emergency calls, and thinking quickly to resolve a complex issue. Remember, as a member of the Kenny Electric workforce, Service Techs may be independent players, but they are part of our family, and are never alone.

Kenny Electric’s Core Values

We Trust our workforce to take care of our clients, living up to the highest standards of Integrity, providing Quality artisanship. The Kenny Electric Family is here to support you – when you need someone at your side. When you are lucky enough to love what you do, it shows. It shows in the work you do, and in the way it allows all of us to thrive and support the Community in which we serve.