Kenny Electric drives success through learning, personal connections, and positive work culture

Kenny is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of its employees.  We have built a culture that promotes teamwork, rewards responsibility, and provides an opportunity for learning. KE employees are provided classroom training, mentored from top leadership, and given on-the-job training by seasoned professionals.

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Elements of Success

Continuous Learning

Kenny provides two semesters of in-house technical training annually – at no cost.  The training program includes courses in  first-aid, CPR, OSHA Hazard Communication (GHS), SafeLand, arc flash, BAS controls, documentation, industrial controls, solar installation and others.  Our program continues to evolve employing education in the latest technology.

All Electrical Apprentices complete schooling through the IECRM (Independent Electrical Contractor Rocky Mountain) program and Kenny Electric covers the cost of both tuition and books.  We also provide a special Apprentice Mentorship program which supports students with the tools they need to succeed such as labs, study groups, and continued training.


Personal Connections

Interaction among peers is one of many ways Kenny strives to deliver the best experience to our workforce.  Classes are kept small to ensure students have access to instructors and interaction can develop strong team relationships.

Positive Culture

Kenny Electric recognizes our employees are our greatest asset.  Kenny takes steps to ensure that a positive work culture is present in the workplace.  Individuals take pride in their work because they understand they are not simply a number, but a part of the larger Kenny family.