Your path to a successful, long-term career begins with Kenny Electric

 Kenny Electric focuses on the well-being of its workforce.

We strive to create a supportive environment that offers every individual
an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.


“The business of learning a useful skill goes far beyond “workforce development.” It goes right to the guts of who we are as a country. A robust apprenticeship program is a statement of what we value as a society.” Mike Rowe, public figure, and advocate for skilled trades

Apprentice Program

High School graduates that can perform basic math, who have good judgment and ability to think dimensionally – are ideal candidates for our Apprentice Program. All Electrical Apprentices complete schooling through the IECRM (Independent Electrical Contractor Rocky Mountain) program.

Kenny Electric apprentices receive full-time employment, on-the-job training, and are provided with the necessary resources to complete the required 8,000 hours of fieldwork, and 288 hours of classroom instruction to take the Journeyman license exam. Our Apprentice Mentorship Program provides students with the tools they need to succeed including labs, study groups, and continued training.

Kenny Electric covers tuition and the cost of books.

Upon successful completion of the four-year program, graduates receive a certificate of completion from the BATC (Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training Center), recognized throughout the United States as evidence of one’s electrical skills. Also, apprentices qualify for 42 credit hours from the Community College of Colorado, which may be applied toward a college degree.

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Core Values

Safety and quality aren’t just buzzwords- they represent core values at Kenny Electric. Every employee, at all levels within the organization, is educated on industry-specific protocols; provided safety training on site-specific procedures; and encouraged to participate in the development of job-specific action plans. Kenny Electric has one of the lowest safety ratios in the state.

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An average electrician makes $5000 more annually than a four-year college graduate and employment for electricians is projected to grow 14 percent… [which is] faster than the average for all occupations.*

Continuous Learning

Kenny provides two semesters of in-house technical training annually – at no cost. The training program includes courses in first-aid, CPR, OSHA Hazard Communication (GHS), SafeLand, arc flash, BAS controls, documentation, industrial controls, solar installation and others. Our program continues to evolve offering relevant education on the latest technologies.

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Career Development

The Kenny Electric leadership team recognizes the backbone of its business runs on the success of its team. Within Kenny, licensed electricians have the opportunity to become Foremen, Project Managers, Estimators, and Business-Development professionals. Many of our current team hold an average tenure exceeding 15 years of service with the company. Kenny works to promote from within, so the possibilities for personal growth are almost limitless.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics



Overwhelmingly, Kenny Electric employees site “Being treated with respect” and “Feeling like part of a team” as two of the most important elements contributing to their satisfaction at work. Kenny Electric co-workers are friendly and supportive of one another. The leadership team ensures everyone is well informed and knows what’s going on within the company and the industry. Individuals are trusted and respected, achievements are celebrated, and hard work is rewarded.

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The commercial electrical trade offers exposure to opportunities not found among typical 9-to-5 jobs. Kenny’s range of service capabilities provides opportunity and interesting project work. A career in the commercial construction field is an excellent choice for those who like to work with their hands or simply like to work with people. Kenny Electric personnel proudly stand among others striving to improve the landscape of the community. At Kenny, you are not just a number but recognized as part of the Kenny Electric family.


Kenny Electric has been an established and trusted partner to the business community since 1974. The workforce of 300+ highly-skilled individuals delivers service to clients spanning Colorado and Wyoming. Currently, work in the construction field is plentiful, providing a stable income to those involved in the industry. Kenny Electric’s Apprentice Program is offered free of charge to qualified candidates – saving them thousands in tuition and book fees. Kenny Electric Certified Journeyman Electricians, are compensated competitively based on a regional pay scale that is, on average, higher when compared to salaries offered by similar sized firms.* Leadership focuses on mentoring individuals to expand their capabilities and provide new opportunities within the organization.

*Based on experience level and opportunity for overtime work.