Demand for higher-level guest and personnel access screening has many companies turning to pretty innovative technology.  Contactless tablet facial and temperature readers help many businesses, in our new normal, get back to business.


Help the World with Advanced Building Access Screening

The world is focused on increasing building and personnel safety.  Kenny Electric recently worked with a client to install an innovative new technology to monitor building access.  InVid Tech Paramont is a stand-alone tablet that provides highly accurate facial recognition and non-contact body temperature readings. The system, when integrated with access controlled electronic door locks, controls individual access to a building. It can also be setup to check for and ensure employees are wearing a protective face mask.

What made this particular feature attractive for our client was its potential to slow the spread of COVID-19 by preventing access to anyone with a body temperature reading above normal – one indicator that someone may be positive for the virus.

Tablets Screen for Facial Recognition, Mask Detection, or Body Temperature

The company recognizes that the method isn’t foolproof.  Just because someone has a fever, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have COVID-19.  Also, someone may be infected and show no signs of elevated body temperature.  Both the EEOC and the CDC further explain that taking temperature checks of employees is ordinarily illegal; however, the rules are different in a crisis.

See How it Works in this Video

Back to Business for Many Means Better Screening

Demand for this type of solution comes from companies involved in high traffic situations like those in manufacturing, food processing, and hospitals.  “They look for this type of application to help them establish what their new normal is going to look like for getting back to business because that’s important for the economy,” states InVid Tech representative Nick Troiano.

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